Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions & Exclusions in the NHS (CAUSE)


Please note that I am away until mid August.  Don’t forget the help available from NMC Watch mentioned below.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Registrant’s Support Working Group has identified the need for a pro bono scheme providing free representation to Registrants who cannot afford it. It will be provided by students at Queen Mary University Legal Advice Centre.

 Initially this will consist of written representation, face to face advice, (for those living in London), Skype, (for those living outside of London), and some form of advice or helpline. In time we hope that the scheme will evolve to include advocacy as well. It has also been suggested that perhaps an advice line at the hearing centre itself, to be used before and during hearings.  

 We would really like to know people’s thoughts on the matter from as many people as possible. I am particularly interested in people’s insights regarding implementation of this project, possible conflicts of interest and how to ensure the best possible impact.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,   Augustine Margai,  Monitoring and Compliance Officer, Case Preparation and Presentation Team. Fitness to Practise  020 7681 5870. Email: :                                   Thank you   (dated 14 3 19)


Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions & Exclusions in the NHS

If you have been suspended please click on Suspended? to find out what you can expect and what you can do.  Please note – the main information is the Suspended? page, with additional pages of help below it such as Coping and Effects.

If you have been referred to the NMC Fitness to Practice, there is a very active support and information confidential closed group on Facebook called NMC Watch: Registrant Care  They are campaigning and also crowdfunding so they can help with some legal support for registrants who have none.  Documents are under the NMC Watch heading, including how to appeal being struck off.

Friends of NMC Watch is also a closed group set up for supporters and those who fear a referral to the NMC.  Go to

Campaign Co-ordinator for NMC Watch Registrant Care:  Cathryn Watters

Campaign Co-ordinators for (CAUSE): Julie Fagan, Craig Longstaff, Andre Downer, Elsie Gayle (midwifery spokesperson), Dave Williams (Welsh spokesperson – click here for Welsh info) and Kate Wynn (Scottish spokesperson – click here for Scottish info).


To say welcome to you, if you or a family member or friend, has been suspended and/or referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), is not helpful if you have been suspended or referred unjustly, unnecessarily, unlawfully.  Instead we offer great concern for you at this horrendous time.

We offer you the knowledge that you are not alone, that there is an enormous number of people out there who have an idea how you are suffering and what you are experiencing, having been there themselves.

We also offer you information and encouragement, as you fight your corner.  NMC Watch also offers direct and confidential help through their Facebook page

A very important fact about suspension – by its very nature, it cannot be described as a neutral act and this has now been recognised in law (see also the footnote to ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2012/138.html)  Employers and unions don’t seem to have understood this yet.  The same devastation is caused through referral.

Employment | ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office…/employment/

Employers have responsibilities to ensure their employees‘ personal details are respected and properly protected.  If this doesn’t happen, for example people hear that you are suspended, then contact the above organisation to complain and report your employer.  If your complaint is upheld, at the least, you should receive an apology.

Are you a whistleblower without realising it?

Think about what might have contributed to becoming a target for the action taken against you.  Were you regularly reporting critical incidents, shortage of staff, concerns about the lack of skills to deal with patients with complex conditions?

There is a national integrated whistleblowing policy that will help standardise the way NHS organisations should support staff who raise concerns. Recommended by Sir Robert Francis in his Freedom to Speak up review, ( this policy contributes to the need to develop a more open and supportive culture that encourages staff to raise any issues of patient care quality or safety. (You need to be very, very careful taking such a step.  Whistleblowing should be unnecessary where there is a healthy culture.) 2016

Freedom to speak up: whistleblowing policy for the NHS

Freedom to speak up: raising concerns policy for the NHSPDF, 487.8 KB

Note: A whistleblower has contacted me to say that joining twitter has enabled her to make very helpful contact with others – a lifeline.

NHS Improvement is responsible for helping whistleblowers back into work.  See  (NHS England is responsible for helping primary care workers.)  22 Sep 2017 – Our whistleblowerssupport scheme will help staff in secondary care who have suffered detriment as a result of raising concerns to find …

This is a work in progress.  Please make direct contact to find out how to apply.  Thanks

A better way

It is time organisations stopped the blame and destroy culture so many experience, which impacts on patient care and staff health.  See by Roger Kline, Research Fellow Middlesex University Business School.

Disclaimer: Please remember that we are not legally qualified and that laws change frequently so always check out what you find on these pages.

We are all volunteers and we all have direct experience of the devastation of suspension in the NHS.  This site was set up to inform, help and campaign. We are not linked to any solicitors firms, insurance companies etc..