Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions & Exclusions in the NHS (CAUSE)



Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions & Exclusions in the NHS

If you have been suspended please click on Suspended? to find out what you can expect and what you can do.  Please note – the main information is the Suspended? page, with additional pages of help below it such as Coping and Effects.

Campaign Co-ordinators: Julie Fagan, Craig Longstaff, Andre Downer, Elsie Gayle (midwifery spokesperson), Dave Williams (Welsh spokesperson – click here for Welsh info) and Kate Wynn (Scottish spokesperson – click here for Scottish info).


To say welcome to you, if you or a family member or friend, has been suspended, is not helpful if you have been suspended unjustly, unnecessarily, unlawfully.  Instead I offer you and the team’s great concern for you at this horrendous time.

Instead, we offer you the knowledge that you are not alone, that there is an enormous number of people out there who have an idea how you are suffering and what you are experiencing, having been there themselves.

What we offer, is information and encouragement, as you fight your corner.

A very important fact about suspension – by its very nature, it cannot be described as a neutral act and this has now been recognised in law (see also the footnote to ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2012/138.html)  Employers and unions don’t seem to have understood this yet.

Urgent. Can you help? If we are to campaign successfully we need your help

Government and the media will take notice if we have some statistics about what is happening now in the NHS but what is the size of the problem now and are there any improvements in the way suspensions are being handled?

The statistics I have, suggest that the problems are not getting less.

In the last year, the number of visits to the site have ranged from 4000 to 8000 a month, with average daily visits ranging from 222 to 434.

The number of new individuals who have emailed the website has ranged from 3 to 9 a month.  The total is around 65 for the year, slightly fewer than previous years and not a great number, although always describing grave injustices and great distress.

Help!  If you have been suspended unjustly and unnecessarily in the last 24 months, can you answer these questions and send your answers to me by email to to give us an idea of the size of the problem and how to campaign again. (It only applies to people working in the UK.)

Please be assured that your replies will be treated in the strictest confidence.  The whole team treat all the information given to them with the greatest of care and in complete confidence.

If you are uncomfortable with using email for your replies and prefer a paper copy, please send me your address details and I will send you a paper copy with a reply paid envelope.  For complete anonymity, email your request to me and I will send you my address.

(Please note: Please don’t name your organisation as it is a breach of confidentiality and a dismissable offence.)


1.What country do you work in?  England  Wales   Scotland   N Ireland

2.In your organisation, are you aware of how many people are suspended?

3.If yes, can you give me more information about the numbers and who is suspended?

4.Are the suspensions dealt with in days, weeks or months?

If you have not been suspended or know someone who has been suspended, thank you for your help so far and please send me your answers.  Feel free to add any comments too.

5.If you have been suspended, what is your job title? (We help anyone whatever their work in the NHS, in health charities or in privately owned health organisations.)

6.If your suspension has been terminated, how long were you suspended?  If it is ongoing, how long have you been suspended so far?  Have you been given any time scales?

7.What was the outcome for you? Was it – No case to answer or (final) written warning or dismissal?

8.If you weren’t dismissed, have you been able to go back to work?

9.If not, why was that?

10.If you have left nursing, what are you doing now?

11.What impact if any, is or was there on your health?

12.What impact if any, is or was there on your relationships?

13.What impact, if any, is or was there on your finances?

14.If you belong to a union, are you finding/did you find your rep or fulltime officer or both, helpful or not?

15.If they are or were not able to help, why do you think that is/was?

16.Any comments or suggestions to make?

Please would you copy these questions with your answers, and email them to . Thank you very much.  Much appreciated.  The questions will be available from now until December 2018 or sooner when we’ve received 100 plus replies.  I will collate the findings and publish them here but anonymously in such a way that individuals cannot be identified.

We will be in a much stronger position with campaigning, if we can show that unjust and unnecessary suspensions are still a significant and hugely damaging action on the part of managers and their organisations.  Thank you.

Page set up mid August ’17. Responses to date: 5. Grateful thanks. Can you help?

Please remember that we are not legally qualified and that laws change frequently so always check out what you find on these pages.

We are all volunteers and we all have direct experience of the devastation of suspension in the NHS.  This site was set up to inform, help and campaign. We are not linked to any solicitors firms, insurance companies etc..