Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions & Exclusions in the NHS (CAUSE)

About Us

My name is Julie Fagan. When I was suspended for a second time (the first three stories on the website are mine) as I was praying for guidance at 5 am after another night’s disturbed sleep, the words ‘web site’ came into my mind.  ‘Web site’ I thought.  What’s that got to do with it? But the idea grew, one of my sons offered to host it and organise it (he is such a gift to us all) and here it is. When I first began in 2003 I also campaigned against the way the suspensions were conducted.

Meet the team

Gradually others joined in the work and also campaigned.  I am so grateful for these people – Craig, who wrote the Help and resources pages, and who helped many people, Andre who has supported numerous people working in the mental health field especially, Kate who has supported people, campaigned  and represents us in Scotland, where the laws and rules are different but the same blame and punitive culture exists, Dave providing the same service in Wales with the same culture there too and Elsie our spokesperson for midwives, our rep on the Patients First team, who has supported many midwives in that increasingly dangerous environment and who campaigns at high levels of the NHS, never giving up hope of change.  We have all personally experienced the distress of unjust suspension.

In the intervening years

I became a carer for my husband and my contribution to CAUSE (Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions and Exclusions UK) and keeping the website up to date, was mainly put on hold apart from continuing to answer emails and starting a blog .

In 2016 I started researching current Government quangos. I found a lot of change but no improvements it seemed.  (A quango – quasi semi- autonomous non-governmental organisation, outside the civil service but receiving financial support from the government, which also makes senior appointments to it – in case you were wondering.)